Future Projects


The institute is developing a ranch practicum that will serve as the premier educational program in the state for ranchers who want to gain cutting edge information through an experiential learning environment. While this program will be taught and facilitated by university and agency experts, the most important aspect of the practicum will be the learning to be had from peer-to-peer interaction. KRI staff has surveyed over 200 ranchers and producers in Kansas and Nebraska in order to find out what it is they would like to see offered in a program of this nature as well as the optimal structure for the educational program.

Results of the survey can be viewed by clicking here.



KRI is currently working on the formation of a cooperative relationship with experts in the field of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS).  Through an informal partnership with the staff at the Ecology and Agriculture Spatial Analysis Laboratory (EASAL) at Kansas State University, KRI hopes to facilitate funding and conduct research on the use of remote sensing and GIS technologies to better understand how human and natural factors influence plant and animal productivity specific to native rangelands.